Amy - Maternity

30 October 2022

Location: East Jetties

Destin, FL

Amy's Maternity

I'm going to admit to ya'll that I am usually a lighter editor, BUT Amy + her husband specifically wanted a d r a m a t i c feel..... so we had a cloudy, rainy, windy (as well as a little peep of sun) session that really came out absolutely beautiful.

"Ashlee was personable from the start and very responsive. I liked the affordability of the package I chose, as well as being able to choose the perfect dress. She was flexible and patient while working with me up until the last minute. I had fun at the photoshoot. Ashlee brought my vision to life in what seemed to be an effortless manner. I am highly satisfied and delighted at the results of the photoshoot. I recommend St Ives photography for your next session"

-Amy s.

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