Pricing is valid for 2023

You might say, hmm.. weird name for package options? Well I'm different from other photog's, ladies & gents! My package selects are named after my favorite series of movies, The Purge. Below you'll find that Anarchy sessions are 3o minutes, Election is 45-60 minutes + Forever a personalized session.



If you are a parent and looking to book a session for your child(ren) who is 18 years or older -- The person being photographed MUST sign the contract in their name. This means they need to complete the booking. Payments must be made by the person being photographed, if 18+ years of age.

Any client under the age of 18, the booking will be made by the parent & will have an additional contract sent to their email registered with the booking to sign a release form.


If a booking is made within two (2) days before session date, FULL SESSION PRICE is due.

LATE to session: If you are late (more than five (5) plus (+) minutes) to your scheduled session, there will be a $30 late fee.

Beach session requests

If you are located in Destin, I will shoot in Destin only during early morning - sunrise. All my Destin clients requesting a time outside of sunrise will be required to shoot at Navarre Beach.

This applies to summer months as Destin beaches are peppered with vacationers.